4 Reasons To Choose Us

1. Qualified and Caring Teachers

When recruiting teachers for our Childcare Centre, we look for teachers who are not only qualified but also have a genuine love for children and Early Childhood Education.  One of our key values is family and relationships, so we provide a warm and loving environment where children feel safe, nurtured and at home.

2. 20 Hours ECE

We offer 20 Hours ECE for all eligible enrolled 3, 4 and 5 year old.

3. Transition to School Program

We have created a specialised program for 4 year olds introducing them to some of the structure and expectations they will encounter at school.

4. Passionate about Christian Childcare and Education

We teach biblical values and principles through our specially designed curriculum.

There are many more reasons to choose our Childcare Centre, please call us today and we’ll tell you all about them – 03 442 3025. Or fill in our contact form to register for a FREE Trial visit.


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