Teachers Queenstown

Nina Smith – Centre Manager
Qualified Registered ECE Teacher – Bachelor of Teaching (ECE)

I have always wanted to be a childcare teacher so as soon as I left school I began working with children. I have worked for 9 years in Early Childhood Education altogether and have absolutely loved it! I was a teacher at City Impact Childcare North Shore and moved to Queenstown to take on the role of team leader here. I fell in love with Queenstown, the children and the families here and wanted to call it home so was overjoyed when I had the opportunity as the centre manager. My vision for the centre is that we are a second home to children where they can develop confidence, learn life skills, receive ample opportunities, acquire good character and most importantly, develop a relationship with God.



PrESCHOOL Teachers

Alex Cowan – Leader in the PreSchool Room
Qualified Registered Teacher – Bachelor of Teaching (Primary)

As a mother of two young tamariki I acknowledge the trust a parent places in a teacher to care for their most important taonga. It is because of this that I love working within the Early Childhood sector working closely with not just tamariki but building working relationships with their parents to better understand the needs of their tamaiti. I really enjoy the imagination and creativity that all our tamariki bring to my job and relish in watching their beautiful brains ponder and understand the world around them.

Beyond TWO’s Teachers

Joan Acierto – Team Leader Beyond 2’s Room
Qualified Fully Registered Teacher – Bachelor of Elementary Education & current First Aid Certificate

Joan_AciertoI love working at the City Impact Childcare because it is a Christian based centre.  It’s amazing to be a part of children’s growth and development in different aspects, most especially into their spiritual growth.  For me, it is fulfilling to see the children growing with love, respect and having a good relationship with God, especially when I have been able to be an influence.

Avi Ortiz – Primary Caregiver for 2-3yr olds
Qualified Registered Teacher – Diploma in PreSchool Education.

Holly Murdoch – Primary Caregiver for 2-3yr olds
Qualified Registered ECE Teacher – Diploma of Teaching (ECE), Current First Aid

Louise Shaw – Primary Caregiver for 2-3yr olds
Qualified Registered ECE Teacher – Diploma of Teaching (ECE), Current First Aid

Up to TWO’s Teachers

Monique De Vargas – Team Leader Nursery
Diploma of Education – Elementary (Brazil)

MoniqueDaVargasIt has been my lifelong dream to work with children, and I feel so blessed to be working within this centre and having the opportunity to teach children about God.  My husband and I have lived in Queenstown for a few years after moving from Brazil, and we love this place and what it provides for families.

Stephanie Cook – Primary Caregiver for younger infants
Qualified Teacher – Bachelor of Teaching (ECE).

Olivia Xu – Primary Caregiver for younger infants
Qualified Registered ECE Teacher – Diploma of Teaching (ECE), Current First Aid

Carol – Under Two’s


Support Staff

MaryAnne Mancer

email_CIC_J15_02 Cropped
My career up until recently has been working in banking and accounts, so it is a real pleasure to be working in an environment with children and their families, as this is a real love of mine.  My husband and I are a part of City Impact Church, and we really love the vision that it has of working with the community and reaching out to people.  I have been working within the Children’s Ministry at church, so I feel that this Childcare is an extension of that, and I feel very privileged to continue with this during the week.

Lowell Laban
Support Teacher / Facility Maintenance

Lowell-LabanI love working with children and am so blessed to work alongside my wife Joan in this amazing centre, sharing the love of God to them.  We are a part of the City Impact Church family, with Joan and I playing a part in the Operations Team at church, and I am so happy being able to show the children the importance of family and raising children in the way God planned for us.

Patricia Antunes
Centre Cook / Support Teacher


Rebecca Collins – Relief Teacher
Qualified Registered Teacher – Primary

Cassiana Soares – Relief Teacher
Qualifications Bachelor in Business Administration

cassAs a mum of three beautiful kids I’m so blessed to be able to work in this centre that accommodates my love for children with my creativity and background in child development. I love watching the children’s eyes light up and how excited they get when they realize they have accomplished something new! I absolutely love being with kids and find it to be challenging and rewarding each and every day. There is always something new to look forward to and always something new to learn with them.

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